About Frills And Fantasy Boutique

Frills And Fantasy Boutique was founded by a woman named Colene Hume who was tired of conventional job. She has always wanted the freedom that comes from working from home. She had a few different jobs that were less than fulfilling and tried to start up a couple brick and mortar business, unfortunately she could not come up with the money on the 2 occasions that she tried to start a business.

Colene was born in Vancouver BC, Canada and in teens the family moved to a small town called 100 Mile house BC at age 16, at about age 17 she knew she wanted to work from home, but didn’t know how to go about it, she ventured into a few different career choices such as an Early Childhood Education Certificate, an Administrative Certificate and finally in 2005 becoming a Dental Assistant and in 2010 getting her certification for Dental Assisting which I might add was all done by correspondence while working and raising 2 kids. During the process of getting her Dental Assistant Certification in 2010; she had a website call Sexy Souls Lingerie and Shoes was designed and put together by her, this site was done on an affiliate program. She enjoyed doing this very much and had hopes that she could eventually work from home, but eventually her time became limited as she was a single parent by this time and raising a son and daughter and working in nearby small town, commuting two hours a day for work as a Certified Dental Assistant, however her time became limited until eventually she took down the site and concentrated on her career as a Certified Dental Assistant, and worked as a Dental Assistant for 11 years.

In December of 2015 Colene, was in contact with a childhood crush Gordie McEwen who she had grown up with… dirt biking, camping and hang out with, her Mom and Dad had gone to school with his mom and dad and had grown up from infancy to about the age of 15, until they moved to 100 Mile House. After that she saw maybe 5 times over the next 35 years, the last time they met was at a mutual friend’s celebration of life in 2003. This brings us to December of 2015 it was Christmas …Boxing Day to be exact, she was surfing Facebook, and came across Gordie’s middle bother Marty Facebook profile and friended him hoping that maybe she would come across Geordie’s profile… but no luck, she wondered what he had been up to? Later on Boxing Day she received a friend request from Darren, Gordie’s youngest brother… while snooping through his profile she came across Gordie’s profile and sent him friend request.... and she waited approximately an hour and checked to see if he had accepted her friend request. He had! Then the bubble Facebook Messenger popped up, and it was him asking how she had been… they started talking and he reminiscing about their first kiss, at his grandparents cabin in Tulameen, he said” hope I didn’t offend anyone … husband or boyfriend?” she told him “no” she had been on her own for a very long time since she was divorced. They talked for hours on end everyday all day until the wee hours of the morning, for close to the next week they discussed meet in a town that was half way between where they both lived, on New Year’s Day. Then they were talking one night and he asked her to come see him in Tulameen for New Year Eve, Colene was a bit unsure asked where she could sleep… he had a guestroom, so she decided to go, it was the best decision she ever made. Now I’m sure your wondering how this relates to Frills And Fantasy Boutique?  She ended up moving to Tulameen, with the love of her life. Over the next almost year she tried to find work in a nearby town about 30 min away, as Tulameen is very small only 250 people, so no luck with employment, she did some house cleaning to pay her bills, but it wasn’t enough so she sat down with Gordie and explained that she wanted a online business, because she felt it would be the best for her situation, and it would give them the freedom to go camping, take off on the Harley and travel because she could work from anywhere as long as she had a laptop and if she was lucky enough and the business did well, perhaps he could work less and they could spend more time doing the thing they love. Well much to her amazement Gordie said yes and gave her the money to start her online business… and so Frills And Fantasy Boutique was borne out of love! So now she has a silent partner in business and a not so silent partner in life and she couldn’t be happier! She finally found the icing on her cake! Life is good and Fills And Fantasy Boutique is thriving and they are truly living a fantasy.