Do Your Bottoms Have History?


Roman women sometimes wore panties called subligaculum. However after the fall of Rome women did not usually wear panties until the end of the 18th century. Their only underwear was a long linen garment called a shift, which they wore under their dress. In modern times women panties were invented again at the very end of the 18th century. (At first they were called drawers). In the 19th century panties came to below the knee.


So, as you can tellpanties / bottoms have come a long way, from what they use to be. At Frills And Fantasy Boutique we believe that panties should be sexy and make you feel sexy from the inside out! A pair of sexy panties can make a women feel a little naughty or perhaps flirty.


We have a variety of sexy panties on our website such as sexy thongs, booty shorts and crotchless panties.


I want you to think about something perhaps you go on the Frills And Fantasy Boutique website and buy a pair of stunning crotchless panties, the next day as you’re getting ready for work you look at your knew sexy panties and decide to wear them to work… How does wearing these naughty crotchless panties make you feel?


Is it exhilarating having a naughty little secret no one knows about?  This scenario is meant to show you how the right pair of sexy pantie whether it’s crotchless panties, bootie shorts or a sexy thong, you can find your inner diva. It’s not about the panties per say it’s more about making yourself feel good, sexy and beautiful.



 thinking that these are just undergarments, however we feel that the pantie we have on our website are more than just a pair of panties they are a beautiful accessory that no one can see… except for that special someone in your life. These panties are high quality and'reNow I’m sure

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Lace and Mesh Panties

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Lace Panty

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Lace Panty 2481X

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Naughty Booty Shorts New

Naughty Booty Shorts

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Strappy Lace Thong

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