Booty Shorts

Booty Shorts

Frills And Fantasy Boutique is All About The Booty Shorts!


At Frills And Fantasy Boutique we are all about the Booty… Whether you’ve got lots of booty or a little booty, we have the Booty Shorts for you! We want you to embrace your booty and have a positive body image not mater the abundance or lack of booty!

We have a good selection of booty short and are working with our distributors to bring you more of a selection.


Booty Shorts


You're a sporty girl with a great butt. Nothing looks quite as adorable as a pair of ass cheeks hanging out the back of a pair of flirty booty shorts. You're the kind of girl who dresses for herself and your style is easy-going and free.

You're the kind of woman people depend on, one who can lead a group with comfort and ease. You're innovative and charismatic, but you're also very social and friendly.

You're a go-getter and a hard worker. You put comfort first so you can always be on your game. You don't have time to waste buying expensive, frilly panties when you have so much on your plate.

So if booty short are your thing, you should check us out! 

You’ll be so happy with the selection of booty shorts; we have  a couple of sample we want you to see :


Frills And Fantasy Boutique also has a good selection of bottoms like Panties and Thongs, because we believe selection is the spice of life when it come to your bottoms, it all boils down to mood, some days you want more coverage than other or perhaps you have a randevu with your lover and want something ultra sexy… it all comes down to mood, so embrace your mood and your inner diva with a good selection of bottoms whether it’s Booty Shorts,Panties or Thongs.



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