Frills And Fantasy Boutique We Believe life is to Short to Wear Boring Panties!


At Frills And Fantasy Boutique we have all kind of women’s panties! We have panties for every taste, we have lace panties,cheeky pantiessexy pantiescrotchless panties and thongs.

So put on your crown and find your favorite pair of panties and live life, the meaning behind the saying Life is to short to wear boring panties...simply means that you should live life to it fullest, so to interpret this...never wear boring panties because you just never know what life has in store for you.




You may be asking yourself, “What’s the difference between a G-string and a regular thong? Aren’t they the same thing?” That’s a valid question. And, no, they’re not interchangeable terms in the lingerie world. For starters, G-strings (sometimes called V-strings) are the skimpiest of skimpy underwear choices.


G-strings are usually a small triangle of fabric in the front, and just elastic or straps everywhere else.” There’s a reason the intimate is jokingly referred to as “floss.” 




Similar to G-strings, thongs are slightly thicker on the band, with a little more coverage on the front and back triangles,

It’s considered, by some, to be the G-string's more comfortable counterpart.

Fun fact: “Thongs became part of popular culture in 1939 — the Mayor of New York insisted nude dancers start wearing them for modesty.




Frills And Fantasy Boutique has done some research and found out that , the term ‘bikini/panty’ is pretty vague and can mean a lot of things.” If you’re equally confused, think of the style as a middle ground between thongs and briefs. “Typically slim on the sides, and with just enough on the behind to offer some coverage, a bikini/panty is not only very sexy, but another great option for a less visible finish.’


Now that you had your lesson on a few of the types of panties you now know the difference, and the point is that no matter the panty, it can be sexy,playfull or daring… so live life; but never in a boring pair of panties!


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