Frills And Fantasy Boutique Welcomes You to our World of Bras!


We have worked hard to bring you a large variety of bras such as bra sets, bralette and bras that are a high quality product and provide the support you’re looking for.

Frills and Fantasy Boutique wants you to feel sexy, in one of our bras, a bra with a matching pair of sexy panties can make a girl feel like a women, somehow wearing a sexy bra with matching pantie is one of the easiest ways to make yourself feel like a million dollars, It such a boots to a women’s self-esteem!

So, as I talk to different women, I realize that there are a whole of myths about bras in general, Frills And Fantasy Boutique wanted to set the record straight about myths and bras.


Myth: Sleeping with a Bra on Will Keep Your Breast Perky

Wearing a bra to sleep in will not keep your breast perky; there is no scientific evidence that wearing a bra will keep your breast from sagging. Over time a lot of drooping happens mainly because of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

There is a thing called gravity, that causes the breast to droop, over time the ligaments and muscles to stretch due to the weight of your breast, it’s a natural process.


Myth: You shouldn't’t wash your bras too often

Think about it… Do you wash your panties every day or have more than one ? Of course you do, so doesn't’t it make sense to wash your bras every day, it is recommended, it is also recommended that you have more than one bra so you can wear a clean one every day. The fabric in a bra breaks down when it constantly rubbing against dirt and oils  on your skin, so to prolong the life of your bras it is recommended you hand wash your bras daily.


Myth: Your bra should last forever

This is a touchy subject for some women; parting with their favorite bra is just not a possibility! If it fits wear it? Right?

I’ll let you in on a little secret… the rule of thumb is one year; yes I said it 1 year! However if it’s a bra you don’t wear it every day, then you may be able to stretch it out to 3 years.


If you’re wearing a bra that’s stretched out, bent underwire or worn out cups then it’s time for a new bra, what it comes down to is, life of your bras depends on how you keep care of your bras.

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