Frills And Fantasy Helpful Hints For The Perfect Costume

At Frills And Fantasy Boutique we have a good selection of Halloween Costumes, our selection of adult costumes has something for everyone. We are constantly building our inventory by working with our vendors to bring you the most current costumes available. To help you find the right Halloween Costume for you read the tips below.



·        For starters you need to find a style that suits you, one that you’re comfortable with, whether you want a sexy costume? Cute? Scary? Funny? Or Grumpy?  Your Halloween Costume is a good way to show that side of yourself that you keep hidden from the rest of the world.



·        Think about what you wear on daily basis, what colors you like and what side of your personally you want to show, perhaps you want to show off in a sexy Halloween Costume, may be a sexy costume such as a Racy Steampunk Rose, or a Sexy Black Tie Bunny or maybe something like a Sexy Flapper.


·        Think about the colors you usually wear, if black is where it’s at then think of Halloween Costumes that are primarily black such as Furious Fairy, Naughty Nun or Race Car Driver. At Frills And Fantasy Boutique we encourage you to mix and match costume after all, it’s Halloween and anything goes!


Past Costumes

·        Think back to what costumes you have worn in the past.  Are they something you liked? Is this look something you can build on? Frills And Fantasy Boutique wants you to know we have a vast selection of accessories to help refresh your old costume and give it new life. Match the list of options you have available and be creative! You can dress it up with new accessories or try buying another costume you like and combining the two, you get an old look with a new wild twist.


So when it comes to dressing up, in a costume the best advice Frills And Fantasy Boutique can give you is to have fun! Dressing up doesn’t have to be a uncomfortable, find your inner diva a go with it, at Frills And Fantasy Boutique we have costumes, that are sure to please you!





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Racy Steampunk Rose

Frills And Fantasy Boutique is very excited to have  a Racy Steampunk Rose costume in stock ! ..


Sailors Delight - 2 Pc. Costume

Sailors Delight - 2 pc. costume includes dress with attached collar and hat. ..


Sassy Cinder Babe - 2 Pc. Costume

Sassy Cinder Babe - 2 pc. costume includes mini dress and arm bands.  ..


Sassy Maid

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Sexy Devil

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Sexy Dog Napper - 6 Pc. Costume

      Sexy Dog Napper - 6 pc. costume includes bandeau mini dress, shrug, ne..


Sexy Maid - 4 Pc. Costume

Sexy Maid - 4 pc. costume includes off the shoulder dress apron neck piece and head piece. ..


Sexy Police

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Steampunk Mad Hatter

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