Teddies and Bustiers Plus Size

Teddies and Bustiers Plus Size

See The Voluptuous Side of Teddies and Bustiers at Frills And Fantasy Boutique


At Frills And Fantasy Boutique we have a high demand for our plus size bustiers, we have worked hard to bring you the very best in plus size lingerie and bustiers that are of the ute most quality in fabric and craftsmanship.


When you put on one of our plus size bustiers you will awaken a whole new world of self-empowerment, you will find out that you are the one in charge of the evening and the event that follow!


Our plus size bustiers are not only for that special night with your partner, they can also be worn as a piece of clothing with a pair of dress pants, skirt, underneath a shirt or jeans any way you choose to wear it, the outcome is the same; you will feel so extremely sexy! Our bustiers are so figure flattering that everyone can wear them; you won’t want to take it off.


You have told us that when you’re in one of our bustiers you feel like you can take on the world, you will no longer feel shy or self-conscious; you will instead feel confident and in control of the world around you, and people will notice! When you feel confident with whom you are people take note, and wonder what has happened for this change to take place.


Thanks to The Lingerie Addict’s Blog, I have found some information on care and clean of your bustier/corset. Please see below:

 Your corset probably won’t need a full-blown dry cleaning very often, though. In the meantime, you can spritz it down with a mixture of vodka and water. A 1:1 ratio of cheap vodka and water in a spray bottle (such as a plant mister) will do you just fine. Mist the interior of your corset before you leave it out to air for the night. The vodka will dry odorless.


Should you need to spot clean the exterior, be sure you know the fiber content and proceed accordingly. If at all possible, check with your bustier/corset maker regarding their suggestions. Since your corset maker probably also wears bustier/corsets fairly regularly, it’s a good bet they’ve also spilled a cocktail or dripped sauce on a bustier/corset at some point, just like the rest of us. Be gentle and match your cleaning methods to the fiber content of your bustier/corset’s fashion fabric, which will probably also be fused or backed with another layer aside from the strength layer. Products for spot cleaning may leave a watermark around the edges, which you may be able to best by carefully monitoring and blending the drying patch, or by treating the whole panel. Clean, undyed washcloths are your friend.


Hopefully you find this helpful, I know I did!  Share any idea’s you have for cleaning your bustiers or corsets, we would love to hear your ideas!





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