Ask Yourself These 4 Simple Questions When Buying a Bra

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Ask Yourself These 4 Simple Questions When Buying Your Next Bra



As a person who is in the business of buying and selling lingerie, I have asked myself on many occasions; what is a true bra size? Is there such thing as a perfect fitting bra? It has been my experience that there is no standardized sizing in the lingerie industry and for this reason you can take a bigger size in one make and a smaller size in another make.

I really don’t believe that a bra fits poorly, if you’re comfortable in it and it makes you feel good then how can it be wrong.

However if these bras are uncomfortable and you’re not feeling good while wearing it, then it may be time for a new bra, because bras can stretch out over time and the fit may not be the same, therefor it might be time to purchase a new bra.

1. Is your band too loose?

Should you wear your new bra on the tightest hook? Does your bra ride up every time you lift your arms up? Does your band move around, making you fidget with it all the time?  If you turn to the side, does it ride up in the back instead of sitting level to the ground?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then you should, try a band size down. A smaller band means you won’t have to readjust constantly during the day. And since most of a bra’s support comes from the band (instead of the straps), you’ll get more lift too. Make sure your new bra fits nicely on the loosest set of hooks, so you can make it tighter as it stretches over time.

If you’re used to wearing loose bands, a smaller band might look too small, even if it feels perfectly snug and comfortable. A good thing to remember: bras are support garments. So when it comes to fitting, how a band feels is more important than how it looks.


2. Does your underwire encase only part of your breast tissue?

Is your tissue spilling out of the top or sides of your cup? Does the top edge of the cup cut into your breast instead of creating a smooth line? Does the wire sit on your breast itself, instead of sitting flush against your chest where the underside of your breast meets your ribcage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the easiest fix is to try a cup size up. For the most comfortable bra-wearing experience, and for the best support, your underwire should cradle all of your tissue without any space between the wire and your chest, and without sitting on any of your breast tissue. If you find your breasts spilling out of your cup, a bigger cup size is the first thing to try.



3. Are your bra straps tightened all the way?

Are your straps falling down all day, despite being tightened all the way? Do you feel like you have to get your straps altered or buy a racerback hook, just to feel supported or to keep your breasts from falling out of your cups?

If your bra is new, this is a good sign that you should try a band size down. Just like how a band stretches out, so do the straps. That means as your bra ages, you’ll have to tighten the straps further to get them to fit like new. However, a new bra’s straps most likely don’t need to be tightened all the way. A snugger band will keep everything in place, and will let the straps do the small amount of work they were meant to do.


4. Is the center gore, or bridge, standing up from your sternum?


The sturdy triangular part of your bra that connects your two cups at the center of your chest is called the bridge, or gore. It is a good spot to troubleshoot when your bra is uncomfortable or you find yourself re-adjusting your breasts throughout the day. It depends on breast shape, but for most people, the center gore feels best sitting flush against your chest, not hanging off or being pushed out by your breasts.

If your band isn’t tight enough according to step 1, size down in the band. This will pull the band closer to your body, making the gore sit snugly.

If your band is snug enough but your breasts are pushing the gore away from your body, go up in the cups.

Since there is so much variation between human bodies, there are, no doubt, many exceptions to these not-at-all-fast rules. And if your bra fits into one of these “concerns,” but you love how it looks and feels, then that bra is totally the right size for you! But for many people who find bras uncomfortable, these straightforward tips can set you on a path towards bras that feel comfortable, supportive, and uninhibiting. Best of luck!

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