How French Women Feel About Lingerie!

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How French Women Feel About Lingerie!



Change the Way You Think About Lingerie

French women see lingerie as extension of their wardrobe a must have! Something they can’t do without, so much so that they spend about 20% of their clothing budget annually on lingerie. For them, it's about feeling empowered, not just on the outside, but also underneath. This brings to mind one of my favorite Christian Dior quotes, 'Without foundation, there can be no fashion.' Take the time to try on different styles of bras and panties and make totally sure that the lingerie you’re buy fits properly, so you can learn what works for your shape and make you feel your very best. When you think about the countless hours you spend picking out a pair of jeans, you should invest your time the same way with your lingerie.


Wear Your Lingerie Daily

It’s a little known fact that French women embrace the day with exhilaration and use it in everyday life. It's very apparent in the beautiful detail you find in the cafés, the art, and the architecture.  When it comes to lingerie, French women wear it for themselves as a form of empowerment and to bring out that inner Diva. Why save that bra or pair of panties for a special occasion or a partner—wear it on a rainy Monday for you!



Always Wear Matching Sets

French women always wear matching sets, this is a hard and fast rule for every women. As mentioned in my first paragraph, a well-fitted bra and panties are a must of the French woman's everyday wardrobe, so what is worn underneath must, match. High-quality, well-fitting underwear is equally as important to French women as their bras. This is not something they overlook ever!

Since this is only seen by you no one sees it, sexy matching lingerie can be your best-kept secret that will make you feel more confident and ready to take on the day. It is recommended to buy 3 pairs of the same panties with every bra you buy.



Quality Sleepwear is a Must

While we in Canada and the US unwind in sweats, French women take a different approach.. .The art of lounging in silky slips and robes, For French women, lingerie extends to a world beyond bras, panties, Bustier and Babydolls, to a world of silk lounge wear. Every woman should have a classic silk slip in her lingerie collection. Sleeping in a silk lingerie or pajama is one of the most luxurious experiences you will ever encounter there is no better way to pamper yourself. Embrace slips, rompers, and robes to lounge in!



The Color of French

The majority of French women embrace color (even under sheer white blouses) and don’t wear predominantly nude bras. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that French brands even started making nude bras, for the American market.

They also enjoy showing a little peak of lingerie from time to time, and consider it gauche to try too hard to hide it. French top model Ines de la Fressange asserts in her book “Parisian Chic” that it's better to elegantly show your lingerie than to resort to gizmos like bras with transparent plastic straps. “No one ever gets used to them,” she writes in “Parisian Chic.” “ A stylish, visible bra is far sexier.” 

The moral of this story? Wear color. Embrace it. Be bold but discrete. Playful but graceful.


Thank you to Who What Wear and Truly French for all the insperation.

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