Why Do Women Love Wearing Lingerie

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Why Do Women Love Wearing Lingerie?


Frills And Fantasy Boutique chose to blog this article from Kiss Me Goodnight as we read through it, we realized that it stand for everything we are trying to say to our patrons! About how a women no longer has to be sexy for a man, unless she wants to and how to be sexy for yourself is so uplifting and gratifying, and how feeling good about yourself is the best medicine for you! 


I hope you will enjoy this article as much as much as we did!

There are many theories on why women love to wear lingerie. For women it isn't about whether or not anyone else will see it, it is for themselves. How women perceive themselves helps their over all self esteem. If you think you look sexy in that camisole then you are sexy. Looking and feeling good is a big part our society today. Many people assume when a woman wears lingerie that is solely for a man's pleasure. Even though lingerie has been worn for centuries for the pleasure of the opposite sex, it is not the main focus for women these days or in the past. Now it is more of a notion of self-image and feeling attractive for ones self rather than for anybody else. It is about feeling good about the whole you and knowing you are sexy even when you don't readily show everyone else.


Interestingly enough, marketing approaches have also changed as well these last few years. Their message today not only promotes looking sexy for your partner, they also tell you to feel sexy for you as well and more importantly. Lingerie has always made to be exotic and teasing. Today, women can get just as much pleasure just from wearing it as they can by being viewed in it. In some cases they can get more out of just wearing it for them and not other. Some women are very shy and are not willing to immediately slip into something sexy for some one else's viewing pleasure. This type of display can make them feel awkward or anxious. Just wearing the sexy lingerie when no one else knows can help spark self-esteem and desire in her self. Now designers are gearing this sexy wear for comfort, movement, and everyday practicality as well as sleek and sexy. Not only does this trend in design say a lot about marketing it says a lot about women in society today.


Back in the day of boned corsets that left women barely able to breathe or move, comfort was not the option. It was implied that proper women did not move all around and had no need to. It was also under the premise that women had no need to be out in the world. Their job was to cater to their husbands, home and families. Comfort was not in the equation. Not to mention that lingerie was not for the common women so it carried prestige and merit. But as the time changed and women became more active in political, economical, and the social realms of the world lingerie has taken a huge change. It is not geared towards the woman her self and the comfort and sexiness she needs. There for lingerie had to become modernized by being less restrictive. There is lingerie and intimate apparel for all occasions that are of great comfort and flexibility for every taste and body type today.


Lingerie designers are finally recognizing that beauty is not some standardized thing. Women are now demanding that designers make sexy and practical lingerie that is realistic and designed for all women, not just the standard.Women want to feel and look beautiful to them. That beauty and appreciation for their own body will permeate their personality and trickle into all areas of their lives. Women are tired and have no use to constantly try to fit into some impossible idealistic box anymore. It is now about being appreciated for the individual you. This has been proven with the burst of lingerie for fuller sized women today. The designs of today are now finally geared to the real size women and she can feel sexy too. So now fuller figured women can also feel and look as sexy too, no matter what their size is.


The wearing of lingerie for a woman can be as much sensual as it sexual. It has to do with self-image. The women today are strong, independent, and vibrant and should be free to explore their own personal sexuality. The shopping for and wearing of lingerie today is such a sensual pleasure for women today. It is not the lingerie that gives a women confidence it is the woman's self-esteem created by feeling good about her self that gives her an air of confidence, beauty, and sensitivity.

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