Frill And Fantasy Believes That Beautiful Begins Underneath With Sexy Lingerie


Lingerie… What does that mean? When you think of lingerie you think of? Beautiful Chemises, Hot Sexy Bustier or a Sexy Bra and Panty Set, no matter your preference we have the lingerie for you!

Frills And Fantasy Boutique thinks that you should always look and feel your best, and there is no better way to do that than with some sexy lingerie, or perhaps you like something more in the area of erotic lingerie it doesn’t matter we have it !

We have an assortment of lingerie that is sure to tickle your fancy; here is a little look at what is in store for you if you shop with us:

We at time like to provide our reader with a few fun fact about the topic we are writing about, so here are some for lingerie:

  • ·         The average American woman has 21 pairs of underwear. Do you have more or less?
  • ·         Women who wear G-string underwear are said to be more sexually creative.
  • ·         Women in the UK wear the largest bra sizes.
  • ·         We may have the ancient Greeks to thank; they’re the first society who show record of women wearing a garment to support their breasts.

April 24 is National Lingerie Day – It’s a chance to champion positive body image.

That’s because lingerie celebrates self-acceptance; many garments put your natural curves on display forcing you to embrace them with confidence.

Lingerie has been a thing since the 1800s in France, but it truly crossed the Pond in 1922, when the term was used to describe women’s bras. Lingerie has raised heartrates ever since, even though it was the dull 1940’s and ‘50s – and was reborn with Madonna’s comes and Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction.


So I guess the long and the short of it is that lingerie has been around for a very long time and it’s nothing to be ashamed of it’s beautiful and sometime practical but mostly it make a women feel beautiful, and even empowered and some women’s say it instills a degree of confidence to know that underneath your clothing whether it’s dress or casual, if you are wearing  some sexy lingerie you will feel like you can conquer the world, so embrace your body no matter the shape because none of us are perfect and we all have the right to show off our body’s the way we see fit , and what better way to show off your body is with a piece of sexy lingerie that is liberating beyond words!

I would like to end this with a quote "When my bra matches my underwear,I really feel like I have my life together"  the quote says it all just like our title,that beautiful begins underneath with sexy lingerie!

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